1. The Entrance: Shaping Your Child’s Experiences

    Parents – do you ever wonder why your child cries when being dropped off somewhere for gymnastics class (say at your local G3kids, preschool, or even at a familiar relative’s home)? This post will jump into some of the reasons why that happens – but more importantly the quick and easy solution…Read More

  2. Who Knew Being A Ninja Could Be So Rewarding?

    Think back. When you were a kid, there were probably multiple jobs you wanted to do when you grew up. For some it was an astronaut or a doctor, others would choose a professional football player, and often, some may have even desired to be a ninja. Today, kids have the opportunity to be a “ninja…Read More

  3. The Benefits of Kids Gymnastics Programs

    If you have been looking for a way to keep your child active while ensuring that they still have fun, kids gymnastics can be a great choice! The American Academy of Pediatrics believes that being involved in organized sports or participating in a physical activity provides children with the chance t…Read More

  4. Ideas To Keep Your Kids Active The Rest of The Summer

    For children, summer is a magical time of no school, no homework to bring home, and about three months of unlimited downtime. At the same time, summer break can be a challenge for some parents — between trying to keep their kids from staying on the couch and being glued to the television to trying…Read More

  5. The Challenges of Throwing a Kids’ Birthday Party

    Planning a birthday party for your kiddo is never an easy task. Not only do these parties require a lot of careful planning, but you want to ensure that your child’s birthday party is perfect and something that they will always remember. And, when you want to make a huge impression on your birthda…Read More

  6. Benefits Of Kids Cheer Programs

    Active kids tend to be happy kids. It doesn’t matter their age, your child likely experiences a variety of benefits from an active lifestyle that includes participation in athletics. There are a variety of sports and physical activities that kids can join to have fun, but cheerleading is a unique …Read More

  7. Activities To Keep Your Child Busy This Summer

    Summer is right around the corner, which means school will be out before you know it! The summer is everything to children: no school, tons of swimming and outdoor fun, later bedtimes — there is more than enough to love about the summertime. However, as a parent the summer time can add an addition…Read More

  8. Kid’s Birthday Party & Why It Is Very Important

    Your child’s birthday party is an important milestone that every parent should take seriously. If you are in the school of thought that takes the “eh” mentality to celebrations, you may want to read this post a few times. The reality is that celebrating your child is not the magic solution for…Read More

  9. Tips For Choosing The Summer Camp For Your Child

    Summer is right around the corner, making it the perfect time to start thinking about summer plans for your child. Sure, you can drop your kids off at the in-laws before going to work, but can you ensure your children will be having fun? Instead of hiring a babysitter for the summer, parents should …Read More

  10. The Benefits Of Summer Camp For Kids

    The 2019 summer camp season is right around the corner! Summer camps have been around for so long that it is hard to imagine not having them be a part of our children’s lives. There is just something about summer camps that create some of the fondest memories of a childhood. As a parent, if you at…Read More